"Jeevan ka yeh sampoorn saar hai"
--It is the essence of life and existance



I think Gandhari is underappreciated.

Anushree ;_;

this song perfectly emotes Arjuna’s feelings before the Yudh. 

This moment: a proud father-in-law 

This moment: a proud father-in-law 


Paras Arora~ Vinrana~


Paras Arora~


Sometimes I randomly hear the Krishna happy tune playing bc my mom misses mahabharat and likes rewatching one of the eps she saved :’)


Farewell, new Mahabharat!

It was fun while it lasted… tragedy, comedy, and unintentional comedy included. Thanks for the memories and all the new friends :)

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Hindu Mytho Meme | Events 1/8: Birth of Krishna || (Part 1 x)


She was still trying to see, blinking and blinking to make her eyes focus.


Vasudev was using his hands to shield himself and strained his eyes, trying to see what was before him.

Devaki’s vision finally cleared. Her mouth dropped open.

Vasudev’s face mirrored hers, gazing upwards.

"My beloved parents," the Supreme Lord said to them, his voice making the ground beneath them quiver, it was so deep. He was looking down from a great height, his dark skin glowing like a burning ember. His dark eyes were vast as he gazed from one to the other. "You see I kept my promise to you."

Devaki suddenly remembered what promise. Lifetimes ago, when she and her husband had asked for a special boon of the Lord.

"You asked for a son like me," he told them, "and I promised you would have one."

Vasudev nodded, remembering.

"Then I realised that there was no one like me. I resolved to come as your child myself, to keep my word to you both."

Devaki was overcome. The Lord of all the world was before her and she was his mother.

Vasudev gazed up at the awesome sight before them. “We thank you for this honour.”

The Lord raised his arms. “The honour is mine, Father. Now you must take me across the Yamuna river to Vraj, to Nanda’s house. There Yashoda has just given birth to a daughter. Leave me there and bring her daughter back here.”

Vasudev nodded.

The Lord turned to Devaki. “But, Mother, why are you quiet? Are you not pleased to see me?”

She shook her head in disbelief. “I’m most pleased. I’m only quiet because I’m waiting to see my son.”

He tilted his head and smiled. “But here I am.”

She gestured to his body. “This is not the form of my son. This is the form of my divine father.”

He laughed, making their skin tingle with the thrilling sound. “Mother, your word is my law, ” he said. “Very well. You wish to see your son? Then here I am.” In a moment the blinding light went out and only a baby was left on the ground, newly born from Devki’s womb. Both of them rushed to lift the tiny child and cradle it, already forgetting the awesome sight that had been before them.

- From The Prophecy by my friend Jai Joshi

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May God protect us.

Let us all be content together, Let us help each other

Let our lives be full of devotion and divinity 

May we feel no enmity or jealouy towards each other.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti 



(WARNING: not serious, funny, or grammatical at all. Read at your own risk.)

Things I’m Going to Miss In No Definitive Order Whatsoever

  1. Krishna looking prettier than any human being should legally be allowed to look like at ALL TIMES( i mean LOOK AT HIM UP THERE im literally gonna cry…


How can it just end like that?! What about the rest of the story?!?!


Yoooo so I watched the last episode of mahabharat because I wanted to see Gandhari’s curse. And I loved it I’m glad I didn’t watch the last couple months because this one was perf. Krishna seekh was on point especially the end with the translation. BUT you know what the best part was? The…

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't know but It's kinda depressing that mahabharat is getting over. :|
anjalikamahabharat anjalikamahabharat Said:

Well today marks the end of my life. Just kidding! but i’m still in that denial phase where I’m still hoping, hopelessly (if that even makes any sense) they have a surprise spin off/extra episodes/blooper/anything for Monday :S 


Just some pretty faces from that episode


Just some pretty faces from that episode

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